November 28, 2023

Arguably the most effective way to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories you eat on a daily basis. This ideology is easier said than done. Using an appetite suppressant pill to control hunger and reduce your cravings for food can help this process and give you an outstanding chance of losing weight. This article reviews and compares the best appetite suppressant pills for 2023. 

Top 4 OTC Appetite Suppressant Pills for 2023 

  1. PHENQ – Best Appetite Suppressant Pills Overall 

  1. LEANBEAN – Best Appetite Suppressant Supplements for Women 

  2. INSTANT KNOCKOUT – Best Pre Workout Appetite Suppressant 

  3. ZOTRIM – Best Herbal Appetite Suppressant Supplements 

Why Use Appetite Suppressant Pills 

Before you can lose weight, you need to coerce your body into burning its fat reserves. It’s impossible to do this if the food you eat provides you with too many calories per day. That’s why a low-energy diet and lifestyle changes need to be at the heart of every serious weight loss program. 

Creating the energy deficit that necessitates fat-burning invariably involves eating less food (lowering your food intake).  

When you eat less than normal, it causes hunger. It’s a hard sensation to fight. The best way to control your hunger is by using appetite suppressants combined with a healthy diet that is low in calories. This is the most sensible and effective weight loss journey to take. 

Most of the appetite suppressants that work (shown to be effective) are pills and, although there are prescription appetite suppressants that can control hunger, some natural supplements can offer similar results without presenting the same risk of side effects. 

As well as helping people to manage their hunger, all the best natural appetite suppressant supplements provide additional benefits that make losing weight faster and easier to do. 

Although there are plenty of appetite suppressants available to buy online, some are more effective than others. A lot of people are misled into buying ineffective products that offer poor results. In some cases, such products offer no hunger control support at all. 

Perhaps you are already aware the claims some manufacturers make are over inflated. Maybe it’s a lesson you learned the hard way and now find it difficult to give appetite suppressing supplements your trust. That may be the reason you are reading this page. 

Best Appetite Suppressant Pills Reviews and Comparisons 

Effective appetite suppressants do exist and, if you want to curb your hunger, The following weight loss pills will give you a high chance of achieving your weight loss targets. 

PhenQ – Best Appetite Suppressant Pill Overall 



One of the best appetite suppressants available online, PhenQ is also a powerful fat burner that supports weight loss in several ways.  

PhenQ is a natural appetite suppressant manufactured by Wolfson Berg. The company has over two decades of experience in the weight loss supplement industry, and distributes its products worldwide. 

Produced in the form of a pressed powder tablet, PhenQ is sold by the bottle and each bottle provides a 30-day supply of pills. The dose is one tablet, two times per day. 

Main Appetite Suppressing Ingredients 

Several of the PhenQ ingredients can suppress appetite but nopal is the key player. Also called prickly pear, nopal is a species of edible cactus. 

The use of nopal as an appetite suppressant predates diet pills. The plant’s hunger-suppressing capabilities have been utilized for many hundreds of years. Early hunters used to eat pieces of the cactus flesh to prevent hunger from becoming a distraction during their hunting trips. 

PhenQ also contains cayenne pepper extracts. Although cayenne generally gets the most praise for its potency as a fat burner, it’s a good appetite suppressant too. 

Basic cayenne extracts are so spicy they have the potential to upset the stomach. Fortunately, Wolfson Berg is not using a standard extract. 

PhenQ provides capsicum as Capsimax. It’s a highly advanced proprietary blend that does not release the fiery compound until it is so far down the gastrointestinal tract it is no longer capable of causing any distress. 

How Does PhenQ Suppress Appetite? 

The main thing about PhenQ is its versatility. In addition to squashing hunger, it provides weight loss support in many different ways and is said to work like multiple weight loss supplements rolled into one. 

Suitable for most men and women who are trying to lose weight, PhenQ is vegan and vegetarian-friendly as well. 

Reasons to Choose PhenQ to Help you Lose Weight 

PhenQ is arguably the best appetite suppressant supplement for people who have problems controlling their hunger urges and require a diet pill that provides plenty of other benefits as well.  

As well as controlling hunger, the PhenQ diet pill formulation boosts metabolism and fat burning and can quickly shift stubborn fat. PhenQ can also promote weight loss by preventing new fat cells from forming, enhancing the mood, and increasing energy to help you avoid feelings of lethargy and diet-related fatigue. 

There are lots of positive weight loss success stories and many industry critics rate PhenQ as the best diet pill over the counter on the market 

PhenQ is also an excellent choice for people who don’t want to gamble with their money because customers get a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

LeanBean – Effective Appetite Suppressant for Women 



LeanBean is a weight loss pill made for women. It was originally the secret weapon of female fitness models but now all women can buy it online. 

LeanBean is manufactured by Ultimate Life. It’s a British company that specializes in developing and distributing weight loss supplements for women. 

LeanBean has several impressive capabilities and without a doubt, its ability to suppress appetite and reduce hunger cravings is one of its most notable features. The dietary supplement formulation provides more powerful appetite suppressants than any other diet pill on the market. 

Research involving brain imaging scans shows controlling hunger is a particularly difficult problem for women so it’s not surprising that LeanBean is geared towards providing so much support in this area. 

The weight loss pills are in easy-to-swallow capsule form and each bottle provides enough capsules to last for 30 days. The dose is two capsules, three times per day. 

Main Appetite Suppressant Ingredients 

LeanBean provides a hefty dose of glucomannan. The ingredient is taken from the roots of the konjac plant and is widely accepted as being highly effective and reducing hunger and one the best appetite suppressants that actually work. 

When you take glucomannan with water, it swells in the stomach. This creates a feeling of fullness that causes the stomach to signal the brain that it does not require any more food. 

Many appetite-suppressing diet pills provide glucomannan. More often than not, it’s used as the main means of hunger control. 

Not so with LeanBean. The formulation provides several other natural appetite suppressants as well. Cayenne is one of them. Raspberry ketones is another. Garcinia cambogia and acai are two more. 

The formulation also contains chromium and green coffee bean extract. Both ingredients help modulate blood sugar and insulin to prevent carb and sugar cravings. 

How Can Leanbean Reduce Food Cravings 

LeanBean’s power to control hunger is undoubtedly one of its most notable abilities. It boasts impressive capabilities as a fat burner as well. 

The formulation also has ingredients that help regulate female hormones. This allows LeanBean to be very useful to women who normally gain weight when they are having their period and for women who are struggling to fight menopausal weight gain. Both these issues have hormonal fluctuations as the root cause. 

Reasons to Choose LeanBean 

Due to its highly specialized nature, LeanBean is the best appetite suppressant for most women who need help to control their hunger and/or lose weight. 

Although the pink label looks anything but macho and may be off-putting, men could use LeanBean too. It’s probably not going to be one of the best options for most men but, for men who are unusually susceptible to hunger, LeanBean could be the game-changer they need. 

On top of appetite suppression, LeanBean provides a broad base of benefits, is vegan friendly, and has a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Instant Knockout – Pre Workout Appetite Suppressant  

Instant Knockout
Instant Knockout


Instant Knockout is a great choice for men and women who train hard for sports and/or spend a lot of time in the gym. 

Many typical Instant Knockout users are bodybuilders or strength athletes and the product is particularly popular with people who are involved in combat sports. 

It’s not surprising that fighters like Instant Knockout so much. The product was originally designed with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters and professional boxers in mind.  

Instant Knockout is manufactured and distributed by Roar Ambition. It’s a reputable company that has earned the respect of numerous professional athletes and trainers.  

Instant Knockout is a capsule-type supplement that’s sold in bottles that resemble a fist. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. The dose is one capsule, four times per day. 

Main Appetite Suppressant Ingredients 

The main appetite suppressant in Instant Knockout is glucomannan. That’s not surprising bearing in mind the ingredient’s reputation for providing hunger control. 

As with most of the other best fat burners, Instant Knockout has some cayenne too. The ingredient is a big hitter in the formulation in more ways than one because it’s one of the main fat burners in Instant Knockout too. 

There is also green tea extract present, this is an effective fat burning ingredient that burns excess fat. 

The formulation provides chromium and green coffee bean extract as well, to reduce cravings for sugar and carbs. 

Carb and sugar cravings often happen after you have eaten. It’s an unfortunate scenario, but blood sugar levels sometimes skyrocket after meals. This causes the pancreas to release insulin to calm things down. 

When insulin causes blood sugar levels to drop too low (crash), it causes cravings for sugar and carbs because foods of this nature can bring blood sugar levels back up again and do so quite fast. 

Although these cravings are not true hunger they can be equally distracting, so it’s good that Instant Knockout provides two ingredients to beat them. 

How Does Instant Knockout Work as a Hunger Suppressant? 

One of the most notable things about Instant Knockout is its ability to boost energy. Due to its close ties with fighting sports, Instant Knockout also functions well as a pre-workout supplement. If you need extra energy to help you to train, this supplement can help get your level of intensity where it needs to be. 

Instant Knockout is also a powerful fat burner. In fact, it’s a fat burner first and foremost. However, the natural appetite suppressants it provides are so good that, when it comes to controlling hunger, it knocks most of the alternative options for six. 

Reasons to Choose Instant Knockout 

Instant knockout is great for reducing hunger for people who train hard to improve their physiques or do intense physical sports. As well as controlling hunger, it will enhance their ability to burn fat and enable them to train harder. It’s a specialized product and won’t be the right option for the average man or woman who needs help to control their hunger and lose weight. 

Zotrim – Herbal Hunger Reducer 



Zotrim is a herbal supplement for anyone who needs help to lose weight. Although it can provide extra energy, Zotrim is primarily an appetite suppressant and it’s one that works fantastically well. 

Zotrim is a popular product that’s been around for a while. It’s not going to offer any weight loss support in other areas but, when it comes to suppressing hunger, it gets the job done. 

Zotrim is a small, round tablet made in the UK by Swiss Research Labs. The dose is three tablets, three times per day and each bottle provides a 10-day supply of pills. 

Main Hunger Suppressants in Zotrim 

Zotrim is an interesting natural appetite suppressant because its power to control hunger is less to do with individual ingredients and more to do with a specific combination. 

The key ingredients are caffeine, guarana, damiana, and yerba mate. The formulation also provides Vitamins B3 and B6. 

Although caffeine provides mild appetite suppression, it’s not a “power” ingredient. Caffeine has more value as an energy provider. It can boost metabolism and fat burning too. 

Guarana is a berry that provides caffeine. It differs from other sources because it delivers it slowly instead of hitting the body with it all at once. 

Damiana has a reputation as a libido-boosting herb and, like caffeine, yerba mate is a natural energy booster. 

The appetite suppressing ability of Zotrim is due to a special synergy between guarana, damiana, and yerba mate. As hunger controllers, they appear to be stronger together than they are alone and there is clinical evidence to prove it. 

Research from the University of Liverpool shows this combination of natural ingredients produces “a robust short-term effect on caloric intake.” 

The term caloric intake is tech-speak. It means the combination of plant extracts did a good job of controlling the appetites of the people involved in the study. 

How Does Zotrim Reduce Food Cravings? 

Zotrim is a natural appetite suppressant. That’s its most notable feature. The presence of caffeine gives it the potential to boost energy levels. Yerba mate, guarana, and the two B vitamins are energy boosters too but the main thing this product does is provide hunger control. By doing this, it makes it easier for people to lose weight. 

Reasons to Choose Zotrim 

Zotrim is a fast working appetite suppressant for people who need to lose weight and find their hunger is holding them back. That includes vegans and vegetarians. It’s a no-nonsense product that does the thing it’s supposed to do. 

Other Appetite Suppressant Supplements Over the Counter 

Here is a selection of other OTC appetite suppressants, hunger control pills and weight loss pills that didn’t quite make the top 4 positions. 

  • Trimtone 

  • PhenGold 

  • Prime Shred 

  • PowHer Cut 

  • Forskolin 

  • Chromium picolinate 

Prescription Appetite Suppressants 

 At the start of 2023 there has been much media exposure towards diabetes medication being used as weight loss medication. Most of the new pharmaceutical diet pills use appetite suppression as a main weight loss pathway. 

Here are some of the new appetite suppressant supplements available via prescription only in 2023 

  • Bupropion-naltrexone (Contrave) 

  • Liraglutide (Saxenda) 

  • Orlistat (Xenical, Alli) 

  • Phentermine-topiramate (Qsymia) 

  • Semaglutide (Wegovy and Ozempic) 

Some of the above prescribed appetite suppressants are available in tablet form and some are by way of injections. 

How Much Do Appetite Suppressants Cost? 

Prices can vary depending on the quality and reputation of the brand. Typically, a quality appetite suppressant supplement such as PhenQ will cost $69.99 for a month’s supply. The pricing is lowered if more than one month is purchased.  

In start contrast there are cheap appetite suppressants available to buy on Amazon that can cost as little as $10 per bottle. The difference in quality is stratospheric. 

If you want an appetite suppressant supplement that actually works it is recommended to buy a reputable brand. It is a false economy to purchase the cheap weight loss pills as the chances of them working for you are minimal. 

Where to Buy Appetite Suppressant Supplements? 

Natural or over-the-counter appetite suppressants can be purchased from many sources. The most obvious in store locations would be GNC, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and most reputable pharmacies. 

Buying an appetite suppressant supplement directly from the manufacturer online is regarded to be the better option. Buying direct gets you a better level of customer service, a better understanding of that particular brand and a better chance of special offer. 

Is an Appetite Suppressant Pill as Effective as a Fat Burner Pill? 

Many people often look for quick, potential solutions to problems associated with weight management. While appetite suppressants and fat burner pills are two of the most popular options to aid weight loss, studies have provided inconclusive evidence on which is best. 

A number of studies have suggested that appetite suppressants possess a weaker effect than fat burner pills in terms of short-term weight loss.  

However, research suggests that over longer periods of time it appears that an appetite suppressant pill may be effective as a fat burner pill when it comes to weight management. An appetite suppressant is better for long term and permanent weight loss 

How We Ranked the Best Appetite Suppressants that Work 

It’s impossible to pick a particular weight loss supplement and proclaim it to be the best appetite suppressant. A good appetite suppressant has to be capable of controlling hunger—that’s obvious—but many different products can do that. 

When you are compiling a list like this, you cannot just look at a weight loss pills ability to suppress hunger, you need to look at the product as a whole so that’s what we did. 

Some diet pills are good at suppressing hunger but cause side effects. You won’t find any products like that on our list. 

Needless to say, we also had to reject a lot of products that appeared to control hunger but did not control it enough. Hunger is a major hurdle when you are trying to lose weight, a peashooter doesn’t cut the mustard. You need to bring out the big guns.  

Our list of best fat burners contains five products. All of them are capable of blasting hunger but each one of them brings slightly different things to the table. We cannot rank them by number because there is no “best” of the best. They are all good but, depending on your requirements, certain options may be more suitable than others. 

For instance, women who have to contend with menopausal weight gain will probably be best choosing LeanBean because it tackles unruly hormones. Men and women who do sports may find Instant Knockout is the best appetite suppressant to use. It will give them extra energy and allow them to train harder. 

Other than appetite suppression, what help do you need? Think about it then take a look at the four products again. Our list of top appetite suppressants that work provides all the information you need to find your perfect match.  

Appetite Suppressant Ingredients 

Nopal – is incredibly effective at reducing hunger and helping you achieve your weight loss goals. It is a  cactus extract (Opuntia ficus-indica) and has been clinically studied and trialed extensively. 

It works by binding to dietary fat which leads to less or reduced absorption and a reduction in body weight. 

Glucomannan is a fibrous ingredient taken from the roots of an Asian plant called konjac. Although the ingredient offers a few other benefits, including an ability to lower cholesterol levels, glucomannan is at its most useful when used as an appetite suppressant and numerous studies have proven its ability to help users to reduce the amount of food they eat. 

Less food means less calories and glucomannan can help dieters to reduce their calorie intake by an amount that is significant enough to force the body to begin burning fat for extra energy. 

The incredible appetite suppressing ability of glucomannan stems from its unusually absorbent nature. The fibres draw in water like a sponge and expand considerably. When this expansion takes place inside the stomach it takes up most of the available space, creating a sensation of satiety that quells the desire for food. There is lots of research and study connected to glucomannan. 

Why Suppress Your Appetite 

Appetite suppressants help you to stay full and avoid the temptation to overload on calories by eating too much food. They also make weight loss easier by preventing hunger from tormenting you throughout the day. 

Hunger is normal. We all get it. In fact, it isn’t just normal, it’s essential. Hunger lets us know when it’s time to refuel the biological machine we call the body by topping it up with food. 

The problem is, it’s very easy to overfuel the body. That’s why people gain weight. 

Though undesirable, this overfueling of the body is understandable. We live in a world where food is easily accessible and available in countless tasty forms. 

The problem is, every time we make a pig of ourselves and overeat it becomes easier to do it again the next time. Overeating can quickly become a habit and the stomach stretches to accommodate the presence of the extra volume of food. 

Then, if and when we decide to change our ways and lose weight, we have a problem. The body has become so used to large quantities of food, it hits us with hunger pangs when we try and cut back. 

Hunger can be very distracting. When it gets bad it may interfere with our ability to concentrate at work and nag at us when we are relaxing at home. When it’s particularly bad, hunger can also make it difficult to sleep. 

Hunger is a problem you cannot run away from. It’s one of the principal reasons so many diets fail. Appetite suppressants reduce hunger making it easier to be satisfied with smaller portions of food at mealtimes. They also help us avoid the temptation to snack.  

By helping us to keep our calorie intake low they allow us to prime our bodies for weight loss success. 

How Appetite Suppressants Work 

Appetite suppression can be achieved in several ways. Some products work by causing hormonal changes, others cause the stomach to feel full. 

Hormonal Changes 

The prescription appetite suppressant Phentermine works by causing hormonal changes. 

When the ingredients are absorbed into the body, it triggers the release of the stress hormone norepinephrine, putting the body into a state of fight or flight. This is a survival mechanism that normally kicks-in during times of danger. 

The human fight or flight response consists of several hormonal and biological changes that make it possible to fight harder and run faster. 

During a life-threatening situation, hunger is a dangerous distraction so fight or flight prevents it. 

Phentermine’s ability to switch off hunger in this way can be very effective but the product causes many side effects, some of them quite serious. That’s why so many people choose to use safe and natural alternatives to prescription diet pills. 

Some plant extracts and amino acids have the ability to suppress hunger by increasing serotonin. 

Serotonin is the body’s “happiness hormone.” It’s a feel-good hormone that can help suppress appetite while also providing improvements in mood that can further help take the sting out of dieting. 


Some natural ingredients control appetite by filling up the stomach. Glucomannan is a good example of an appetite suppressant that works in this way. It’s a water-soluble fiber that comes from the root of the konjac plant. 

When taken alongside water, glucomannan swells inside the stomach, causing it to feel full. Glucomannan fibers are so absorbent they can hold up to 50 times their own weight in water so, as you can imagine, the appetite suppressing ability of the fibers is considerable. 

Some plant extracts, glucomannan is one of them, can also delay gastric emptying. This ability allows them to remain in the stomach for longer. This, of course, prolongs the appetite suppressing effect. 

Lower Body Mass Index (BMI) 

Body Mass Index (BMI) is an internationally recognized basis for defining healthy body weight. It uses a person’s height and weight to assess the proportion of body fat, enabling one to judge whether their ratio is potentially dangerous or likely to contribute to long-term health risks.  

BMI can be determined by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by their height in meters squared, while tracking individuals over time can provide helpful insight into understanding whether they are trending toward unhealthy habits.  

Calculating BMI provides an objective indicator of someone’s health, removing any judgment related to physical appearance. 

Prescription Appetite Suppressants Vs Natural OTC Appetite Suppressants 

Prescription diet pills and natural supplements are two approaches to weight loss. Prescription diet pills can be effective at producing results, but also pose certain risks; they are usually only prescribed for those who fall into a specific health category and are monitored closely by a medical practitioner.  

Furthermore, these medications often come with potential side effects, such as an increased heart rate, restlessness, and anxiety. Natural supplements often contain herbal extracts or other forms of plant-based ingredients; these have historically been used to promote better digestion and metabolism without chemical intervention.  

Generally speaking, natural weight loss supplements don’t come with the same risks as prescription diet pills; however, because the effectiveness of the ingredients varies from person to person, it is important to educate oneself on what works best for one’s body before turning to any supplement as a solution. 

Best Appetite Suppressant Pills Conclusion 

Appetite suppressants play an important role in weight loss by helping people to keep their calorie intake low enough to necessitate the burning of body fat. They also take much of the misery out of dieting by preventing the torment of hunger. 

The ingredients in natural appetite control suppressants formulations generally work by increasing satiety and/or causing favorable hormonal changes. 

Most of the best appetite suppressants provide additional benefits. For this reason, certain products may be more suitable for some people and less suitable for others. There is no one size fits all. 

One last point to make. Be careful about taking advice from the web. Not everything you will read will be true. You have to ask yourself a question – does this article I am reading look like it is from a trusted source? 


What is the strongest appetite suppressant? 

Phentermine is considered to be the most potent medication for suppressing appetite. Phentermine is prescription only and cannot be purchased over the counter. PhenQ is a natural alternative and regularly touted to be the top appetite suppressant to order OTC. 

Will taking appetite suppressant supplements cause side effects? 

There should be no adverse reactions to taking a natural appetite suppressant supplement if the manufacturers usage instructions are followed. 

What is the best appetite suppressant pill to buy in 2023 

Many industry experts connected to the weight loss industry suggest PhenQ is among the most effective dietary supplements for suppressing appetite and helping users lose weight quickly. PhenQ contains natural ingredients and can act as a fat burner as well as a hunger suppressant. 

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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