November 28, 2023

When Robin Langois, 58, was prescribed the fat-reduction drug Wegovy final calendar year, she couldn’t pay for the higher price tag tag after her insurance policy wouldn’t address it.

But she later on identified on TikTok that people today could get their arms on what appeared to be the drug’s lively component, semaglutide, from compounding pharmacies for a fraction of the rate.

Langois, of Tucson, Arizona, mentioned she was originally hesitant, for the reason that of security concerns, but she at some point discovered a telehealth supplier to compose her a prescription.

“I’m not 100% confident it’s what I’m receiving,” Langois explained. She observed, even so, that she’s skilled emotions of fullness and excess weight decline, as well as nausea, a frequent side result of the drug. “It’s working like it ought to,” she said.

Possibly thanks to price tag or ongoing shortages, people today are seeking solutions to the brand name name prescription drugs Ozempic and Wegovy, both equally of which incorporate the lively component semaglutide.

Some men and women, like Langois, are turning to compounding pharmacies for the complicated-to-get bodyweight decline medicine.

Novo Nordisk, the sole producer of Ozempic and Wegovy and the patent-holder of semaglutide, reported in a statement that it does not deliver the ingredient to these pharmacies, foremost some authorities to problem in which pharmacies are sourcing the drug — and no matter whether it is semaglutide at all.

“That’s the million-dollar question,” claimed Dr. Fatima Cody, a doctor specializing in obesity at Massachusetts Basic Medical center in Boston who serves as an adviser to Novo Nordisk.

What are compounding pharmacies?

Compounding pharmacies mix and alter drug components to build remedies customized to precise client desires, according to the Foods and Drug Administration

Compounded medicines are usually developed working with the energetic components in drugs. In Ozempic’s and Wegovy’s case, which is semaglutide. 

But compounded medicine — although they contain Food and drug administration-approved substances — are not on their own approved by the Food and drug administration, meaning they are not controlled, monitored or tested by the company, explained Benjamin Jolley, a pharmacist and owner of Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy in Salt Lake Town. 

Hospitals will in some cases use a compounded treatment when a commercially offered option is not ideal, according to the Fda. They may lessen the dosage of pain medicine to stop some facet consequences, for instance, or eliminate preservatives or dyes that might bring about an allergic reaction. 

The Fda will also grant exemptions that enable compounding pharmacists to make sure drugs if there is a lack, said Jeremy Kahn, a spokesperson for the company.

Are compounding pharmacies presenting authentic semaglutide? Is it risk-free?

Dr. Chris McGowan, who runs a bodyweight decline clinic in Cary, North Carolina, has noticed that compounded versions of Wegovy and Ozempic are expanding in level of popularity.

“What I’m hearing from individuals is, ‘Oh, hey, I listened to about this compounded semaglutide. Can I test that?’” he said. 

Mary Morgan Mills, 32, of Raleigh, North Carolina, arrived to McGowan just after taking what she was explained to was a compounded version of semaglutide for about a yr. 

The weekly injection, which she acquired at a wellness centre, created her nauseous, and she only dropped about 15 lbs . whilst getting it.

“I felt bamboozled,” she reported, introducing that she nevertheless had “bottles of it in my fridge.”

“I’ve always desired to go get it analyzed to see what it basically is, but I do not know the method,” Mills explained.

Newest information on body weight loss drugs

McGowan claimed that compounding pharmacies, in a lot of cases, are not staying fully clear about how they’re sourcing the drug.

Jolley, who does not supply semaglutide, mentioned it is achievable compounding pharmacists could be supplying people today semaglutide sodium, a more affordable and modified version of the compound which is supposed for investigation use only. Semaglutide sodium, nonetheless, is not permitted by the Food and drug administration, he stated, which would make providing the solution unlawful.

Compounding pharmacists could also be obtaining high doses of semaglutide from wholesalers and then separating it into more compact dosages or mixing it with other drug components, he stated. 

Matt Buderer, a pharmacist and owner of the Buderer Drug Company Compounding Pharmacy in Ohio, mentioned that would in essence dilute the medicine, which he reported does not make perception due to the fact that would make the drug a lot less effective.

If what compounding pharmacies are featuring as semaglutide is not truly the drug, it’s in the long run a basic safety issue, due to the fact the ingredients they are utilizing could not be extensively evaluated by the Fda, McGowan explained.

“What I’m telling sufferers is to be pretty thorough when considering any type of compounded semaglutide or compounded tirzepatide, which is yet another treatment we’re viewing at present getting presented in a compounded variety,” he reported. (Tirzepatide is a diabetes drug produced by Eli Lilly that also has weight decline outcomes.)

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