December 1, 2023

Seeking to eliminate the destructive impact of chronic inflammation on the body, Keto5, ( ), a doctor-founded Beverly Hills-based company, has introduced a physician-directed and supervised program that revolutionizes how patients achieve renewed health through the natural power of ketosis. 

Keto5 is initially focused on helping the more than 70% of Americans who are overweight – especially the 42% who are obese – live healthier and longer lives.


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While interest in the “keto diet” has surged in recent years, general understanding of the science behind and the enormous range of health benefits delivered by ketosis remains largely unknown by the public and even much of the medical community. This makes Keto5’s message and mission all the more critical to communicate.

“Weight loss serves as an attractive entry point for many patients seeking help, but it’s not our end goal here,” explains Dr. G. Michael Wool, Keto5’s CEO and chief medical officer. “The reduction of inflammation in the body through the use of exogenous ketones is our major objective – as chronic inflammation is at the root of so many serious diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney and liver disease, autoimmune disorders, and Alzheimer’s. If we achieve our mission, it will empower those who need it most to live a high-quality, sustainable lifestyle with immense health benefits.”

Derived from the science of physician-led clinical trials, Keto5 formulates, manufactures, and distributes its proprietary exogenous ketone salt products – which contain patented formulations, as well as ingredients designed to optimize the level and duration of ketosis – through a broad network of healthcare professionals. These specialized and highly trained members create and oversee individually-tailored ketogenic health plans – including laboratory monitoring, telemedicine, and health coaching – to produce the best patient outcomes.

“Because we are all unique in our backgrounds and physical makeup, the best way to achieve desired results is under the direction of a physician, who will customize both diet and exogenous ketones to each patient’s needs,” Dr. Wool explained. “This type of tailored approach is the key to lasting metabolic improvement, and to ensure high levels of patient compliance through monitoring and personal support.”

Keto5’s products are clinically proven to produce up to five times the level of ketosis reached by diet alone: achieving targeted ketosis levels in minutes compared to hours or days, and in just a single dose. These industry-leading results are produced by dramatically increasing ketone levels in the bloodstream, which accelerate the beneficial effects of ketosis.

In medically-supervised clinical trials, Keto5’s flagship product, XOGenius, helped patients achieve a median of 10 pounds of weight loss, and a remarkable 81% reduction in inflammation, in just 30 days. Because of its efficacy, XOGenius is also able to provide Nutritional ForgivenessTM – which supports a flexible modern diet with some carbohydrates, while still maintaining adequate levels of ketosis.

“We are at the dawn of a new age, where the power of ketones will be unlocked and unleashed, helping countless people regain control of their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing,” said Dr. Wool, who currently practices with the world-renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Looking to our ancient past can provide some insight into the science behind Keto5’s solution.

As Dr. Wool explains, ancient humans had 90% less disease than we do today, and died with almost no inflammation in their bodies. These ancestors survived by living off of fat stores, known as ketones, for days while hunting. When they finally ate, it was mostly animal fat and protein.  

“The human metabolism is still wired to work this way, which is what makes a ketogenic diet so effective. Yet a carbohydrate-heavy diet has been foisted upon us for nearly 30 years by the USDA – not to mention the billions in marketing by CPGs that has driven average sugar consumption to a highly dangerous three pounds per week,” Dr. Wool added.

Potential benefits of Keto5’s patented formulations and fully tailored, physician-supervised programs include:

  • A decrease in inflammation

  • Improvement of medical disease symptoms

  • A reduction in expensive prescription medications

  • Nutritional Forgiveness TM

  • Increased physical performance

Nearly seven years ago, Dr. Wool, an award-winning university research physician with a background in pioneering HIV antiviral drug therapies, and Stanley Ho, a 30-plus-year engineering veteran, founded Keto5: bringing together a select group of physicians to explore weight control using proprietary exogenous ketone supplementation.

Leading a pilot clinical trial of 49 patients, Dr. Wool saw weight loss averaging 10 pounds per month over eight weeks. During this time, he also noted that Keto5 patients with complicated medical diseases – including diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and certain autoimmune diseases – not only experienced an improvement in their symptoms but required a lower amount and number of prescription medications (many of which are prohibitively expensive).

Most exciting, however, were the laboratory measurements of inflammation, which fell by a remarkable 81% in trial subjects. This essential connection between a reduction in inflammation and improved health outcomes suggested that Keto5 could offer clinically significant therapeutic benefits beyond weight loss. It was then that the opportunity to help people on a truly significant scale was clarified, and Keto5 was officially launched.

“Dr. Wool has a clear and precise vision for human health and longevity, and imagines the future mitigation of the destructive impact of inflammation on the human body,” said Stephen Drimmer, Keto5’s chief operating officer and director. “Dr. Wool believes this process begins with the use of exogenous ketones as an adjuvant medical therapy – initially for weight loss, but eventually to address an array of inflammatory-related diseases, including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, kidney and liver disease, and degenerative neurological conditions.”

Drimmer added, “Standing at the forefront of this new frontier in science and medicine, Dr. Wool is passionate about ensuring that Keto5 delivers only the most effective products and comprehensive physician support to produce the best patient outcomes possible.”

Keto5’s milestones so far include:

  • Spent seven years performing clinical trials and scientific research with actual patients.

  • Spent six years formulating, testing, and perfecting the products.

  • Completed an exclusive license in the clinical arena to permit Keto5 to sell products that contain an indispensable patented ingredient that drives the efficacy of Keto5’s exogenous salts: establishing an enormous strategic and competitive advantage.

  • Keto5 has also recently entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Bariatrix Nutrition, a $120 million global manufacturer and distributor of food products for the weight loss industry. Under the terms of this initial renewing deal, Keto5 is assured likely purchase quantities by Bariatrix totaling $30 million through 2027.

  • As part of this agreement, Bariatrix is also facilitating access to its clinical network of weight loss centers and physicians – with more than 2,500 participating doctors – as well as its online portal and app (Setpoint/Helthtrac) managed by a team of registered dietitians.

  • Bariatrix and Keto5 are further jointly working on the development of other ketogenic products, including ready-to-drink ketone beverages, gummies, protein bars, and a Keto5 “flavor pack” to add to Bariatrix’s base mix for meal replacements, soups, etc.

  • Separately, Keto5 is currently formulating and testing other targeted ketogenic offerings, including for brain fog, fitness, e-sports, and tactical acuity that the company plans to roll out over the next 24 months.

The global ketogenic diet market – already valued at $9.57 billion in 2019 – is set to grow by an additional $1.68 billion through 2025. Ketogenic beverages alone are a $3 billion and growing category.

Keto5 is also looking to tap into the U.S. primary care physicians’ market, valued at $254.9 billion in 2020, and expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.02% from 2021 to 2028.

“Keto5 supplements are just the beginning,” Dr. Wool said. “We’re focused on educating, cultivating, and growing an exclusive network of trained and committed physicians.”

Dr. Wool added that Keto5’s additional upcoming goals include:

  • Helping Bariatrix build its weight loss business by growing its medical network, and co-developing new products containing exogenous ketone salts.

  • Educating, training, and enrolling current Bariatrix network doctors in Keto5’s program not just for weight loss, but for overall metabolic health benefits.

  • Completing the recruitment of key opinion leaders to the company’s board of advisors, and achieving a full slate by the end of 2022 – with physician experts in respective subspecialties who will promote the future of exogenous ketone therapies for the treatment of inflammation-based diseases.

  • Focusing on neurology as the first area of medical ketogenic therapeutics, including traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, and neuro-oncology.

The company’s overall mission remains global and ambitious.

“Our global vision is to optimize human health, quality, and longevity through 360-degree ketogenic therapies,” Dr. Wool said. “Keto5 will begin this ambitious mission by helping thousands of overweight or obese people lose weight under the direction of a physician – by far the most effective of all approaches – and, in the process, reduce patients’ levels of inflammation and vulnerability to a host of inflammation-related diseases. This is the true power and importance of a ketogenic diet, and elevates Keto5’s work to the sphere of disease management and prevention.”

Keto5 has launched a Reg. CF campaign on StartEngine, and is seeking investors to further develop its company, clinical network, and products.

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