November 28, 2023

Dr. Irving Kent Loh

Obesity is an epidemic in America, with some physicians characterizing it as an actual disease and not just the byproduct of bad behavior, that is, a lifestyle of excessive caloric intake and lack of exercise. Those lifestyle elements undoubtedly contribute to obesity, but there are likely genetic and metabolic disorders that may be a root cause as well. 

Sorting causality is not the point of this article, but my focus is on management of obesity. This is important because of the associated life-threatening disorders that accompany overweight, e.g., diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, and likely autoimmune diseases.

Compounding the medical and health issues are the societal pressures that typically favor being lean as being more attractive which in this age of social media makes influencers more impactful than healthcare professionals. This explains, perhaps, the multibillion dollar industry of weight loss strategies, often promulgated by celebrities for fun and profit, but funded by people interested in separating you from your discretionary income.


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