November 28, 2023

Joan Lewis experimented with every single diet plan and pounds reduction plan to reduce fat, but nothing seemed to perform. Then her physician recommended Ozempic after she was diagnosed with kind 2 diabetes.

Joan Lewis (left) with her son (center) and husband (right).Share on Pinterest
Joan Lewis (left) with her son (heart) and spouse (right). Pictures Supplied by Joan Lewis

In 2009 at 38 years aged, Joan Lewis underwent chemotherapy to address breast cancer. From that place on, she commenced to acquire excess weight.

“My weight often was about the identical even just after obtaining small children. I feel heading by way of chemo-induced menopause in overdrive at 40, excess weight just piled on and it was extremely hard to lose,” Lewis explained to Healthline.

She reported procedure transformed her physique chemistry and that the food items she utilised to eat her complete daily life became significantly less tolerated and impacted her fat.

For the past 12 yrs, Lewis attempted a variety of eating plans and pounds reduction applications, which includes Pounds Watchers, Noom, Keto, anti-inflammatory diet, Complete 30, very low carb, and Great Protein.

“Before I experienced children, Excess weight Watchers was my go-to. I had these success. Just after treatment, I attempted them all and I would eliminate a couple and acquire a pair back. It constantly appeared that my human body did not want to give in and maintain the pounds off,” Lewis mentioned.

In excess of the past several a long time, Lewis’s blood sugar levels began to enhance, and in September 2022, she was identified with form 2 diabetes.

“Both my cardiologist and key care health practitioner realized how pissed off I have been with attempting to reduce excess weight,” she claimed.

Immediately after her diagnosis, her doctor approved Metformin, a medication utilised to take care of variety 2 diabetes, that functions by decreasing blood sugar. Lewis also satisfied with a dietician to produce a very low-glycemic food plan. Nonetheless, just after taking Metformin and sticking to the diet program for 3 months, her A1C even now went up.

“We selected to start a low dose of Ozempic to consider to get my A1C down and to assist kick commence some fat reduction,” said Lewis.

Ozempic is an injectable medicine that stimulates GLP-1 receptors in the pancreas and other pieces of the body, and, as a result, boosts insulin secretion in reaction to superior blood sugar, spelled out Dr. Sethu Reddy, president of the American Association of Medical Endocrinology.

“Ozempic would also are likely to cut down the stages of glucagon, which is an anti-insulin hormone. In addition to bettering sugar command in those with form 2 diabetes, these brokers surface to minimize appetite and boost satiety, thus ensuing in likely pounds decline. The body weight reduction can also enable further more enhance blood sugar manage,” Reddy informed Healthline.

Ozempic contains the active chemical compound semaglutide.

Dr. Rekha B. Kumar, affiliate professor of drugs at Cornell and Chief Professional medical Officer at Observed, reported semaglutide helps with bodyweight loss by growing feelings of fullness, delaying stomach emptying, and decreasing blood sugar.

“Semaglutide, under the identify Wegovy is an Food and drug administration-authorised medication for weight problems management. So, Ozempic can assist with fat loss in individuals with diabetic issues,” Kumar informed Healthline.

Ozempic is only Food and drug administration-approved for the cure of type 2 diabetic issues, even so, “when patients who have diabetic issues also have weight problems, Ozempic is a superior alternative medicine,” Kumar mentioned.

Making use of Ozempic for bodyweight decline in the absence of type 2 diabetic issues is regarded “off-label use” of the medicine.

In 2022, the Meals and Drug Administration reported shortages of Ozempic. This brought about some controversy due to the fact in some circumstances, persons were being taking the treatment off-label for bodyweight loss.

“Given the new source issues in basic, a person would prioritize diabetic issues management,” reported Reddy. “However, excess weight reduction in those people with no diabetes will be an growing sign in the long term. The use of GL-1 analogs for pounds loss will also count upon insurance policies insurance policies and accessibility to these brokers.”

Lewis started off getting Ozempic in January 2023, and considering the fact that then has shed about 4 kilos per 7 days.

“I am not hungry at all. I get comprehensive quite promptly,” she mentioned. “I made use of to snack when I would get home [from work] or be so hungry at lunch. Not any longer.”

On the other hand, she does experience some side consequences, which include an upset belly when she eats fatty or greasy foods like french fries.

For most people today, facet effects are mild and induce gastrointestinal indications, these kinds of as nausea, vomiting, and reflux, mentioned Reddy.

“Since the injection is supplied every single 7 times, the side consequences may possibly be previously in the week,” he observed. “There have been studies of pancreatitis (swelling in the pancreas) with use of brokers like Ozempic, but no lead to-effect has been shown. Nonetheless, if an individual has experienced pancreatitis, a person would be careful about initiating a GLP-1 analog.”

A further most likely critical adverse impact could be an amplified risk of tumor expansion in individuals with a fairly unusual sort of thyroid cancer (medullary), claimed Kumar.

“Patients who have medullary thyroid most cancers, genetic syndromes that incorporate medullary thyroid cancer, pancreatitis, and extreme acid reflux and gallstones would not be very good candidates,” she explained.

Lewis claimed having the medication has forced her to modify her diet regime.

“Sometimes meals taste really distinctive and not in a superior way. I love coffee, but occasionally the taste is so powerful that I get a little queasy,” she mentioned.

The medicine places her in touch with her foodstuff choices, also.

“I have been pretty conscious of what meals I am taking in. I know if I do take in large body fat meals, I will most possible not truly feel incredibly perfectly. Form of a new state of mind,” she stated.

Ozempic is only intended for extended-expression use to deal with diabetes and when it is used off-label for bodyweight reduction, Kumar said it requires to be continued very long-expression to sustain the lost bodyweight.

However, Reddy mentioned that persons who just take Ozempic really should be monitored closely by their medical professional “[for] worsening sugar regulate more than time and sooner or later, almost all people with form 2 diabetes will involve insulin remedy,” he reported.

Nevertheless, he anticipates that Ozempic and other remedies like it will turn into more and much more commonly utilized.

“These agents have also been verified to be cardioprotective and mixed with glucose and bodyweight lowering attributes, they will be significantly well-known in the healthcare toolbox,” Reddy mentioned.

For now, Lewis plans to maintain using Ozempic for diabetic issues and fat administration.

“If this drug can assist decreased my A1C and assist me lose a couple of lbs, I will be a lot more determined to maintain it off and feel better about my well being and self,” she explained. “[But], I actually do not know how lengthy I will be on this drug.”


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