November 28, 2023

For lots of folks, diabetes medicine are now the latest pounds loss trend.

Large-profile figures this sort of as Elon Musk have applied diabetes medicines to drop pounds and results have demonstrated the medicine are efficient. 

On the other hand, researchers now warn that the process could be linked to potentially fatal facet outcomes.

A new examine out of China reportedly reveals that fat reduction drug Wegovy may well increase the hazard of digestive technique obstruction — even though diabetes drug Ozempic could trigger feeding on issues.

OZEMPIC WARNING: Health professionals URGE Warning FOR Those people Utilizing Diabetic issues DRUG FOR Fat Decline

Fox Information health-related contributor and NYU Langone inside drugs professional Dr. Marc Siegel joined “Fox & Pals” on Tuesday to provide deeper context for the results.

Although the reports ended up conducted on mice instead of humans — which most of the time “does not translate,” Siegel mentioned — the conclusions however have healthcare experts on warn.

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joined "Fox and Friends" on March 7, 2023, to discuss diabetes drugs that many people are using for weight loss purposes.

Fox Information healthcare contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joined “Fox and Mates” on March 7, 2023, to go over diabetes medications that quite a few persons are utilizing for weight decline uses. (Fox News)

He mapped out precisely how these medication enhance insulin, as very well as how they signal the mind and human body to come to feel a lot more comprehensive.

The prescription drugs act on the intestines — which raises a issue about very long-expression facet outcomes after prolonged usage, he noted.

“[The drugs] may bring about the tiny intestine to enlarge,” he reported.

OZEMPIC Diabetic issues DRUG IS TRENDING AS A Pounds-Loss System — Here is WHY AND WHAT Medical professionals SAY

“If it does that, I as a health practitioner prescribing it would have to glimpse at what [the patient’s] underlying record is, and how long am I keeping [the patient] on this drug,” he mentioned.

Dr. Siegel verified there is no question that folks can eliminate weight utilizing these diabetic issues prescription drugs.

Dr. Marc Siegel said that lifestyle factors need to be considered when weight loss is needed. Some who are taking diabetes drugs for weight loss "don't need it," he said.

Dr. Marc Siegel said that way of living variables have to have to be considered when pounds loss is necessary. Some who are getting diabetes drugs for bodyweight decline “never will need it,” he reported. (iStock)

“The drug performs,” he mentioned. “Ozempic was analyzed in the New England Journal of Medication … and [researchers] discovered that you took 15% of your body weight off in one yr. It performs.”

Nevertheless, some men and women who are using the drug “don’t require it,” he stated.

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A person’s way of life demands to be regarded as for a nutritious method to body weight loss, he additional. 

“Are you training enough? Are you too sedentary? What is your precise diet regime?”

Anyone intrigued in having a diabetic issues drug for pounds reduction should problem any physician prescribing it to make certain the medical professional has know-how in this region, Siegel said.

An overweight man prepares an Ozempic injection. Anyone interested in taking a diabetes drug for weight loss should question a physician prescribing it to make sure the doctor has expertise in this area, said Dr. Marc Siegel.

An chubby male prepares an Ozempic injection. Anyone intrigued in taking a diabetic issues drug for weight decline need to concern a medical professional prescribing it to make positive the health practitioner has expertise in this space, stated Dr. Marc Siegel. (iStock)

As Bodyweight Watchers moves into the Ozempic current market, Dr. Siegel stated prescribing the drug by way of telemedicine is a “lousy concept.”

“I like Pounds Watchers a large amount, but telemedicine is not the way to prescribe these drugs,” he stated. 


“They’re previously vastly overprescribed, and they are already cutting into the diabetic issues sector exactly where we need it the most.”

The all round concept from these new research results is to “be cautious,” Dr. Siegel pressured.

Dr. Marc Siegel talked with "Fox and Friends" about the popular use by many of diabetes drugs to lose weight.

Dr. Marc Siegel talked with “Fox and Close friends” about the well known use by many of diabetic issues medicine to get rid of fat. (Fox Information)

“Let’s enable medical professionals handle this slowly around time,” he also mentioned.

An additional difficulty with diabetes medication used for bodyweight reduction is the probable for “rebound” fat achieve when a individual is taken off the treatment, stated Dr. Siegel.

“I do not want to commit people to yrs and several years and many years of a drug that I really do not know all the probable aspect effects about,” he claimed. “I’d fairly use it brief-expression if I can.”

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Novo Nordisk, the maker of Ozempic, sent a statement to “Fox & Mates” on Tuesday in response to the concern of likely side results.

Anti-diabetic medication Ozempic (semaglutide), made by Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, is shown here.

Anti-diabetic medicine Ozempic (semaglutide), manufactured by Danish pharmaceutical organization Novo Nordisk, is proven below. (JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Photos)

“Gastrointestinal facet results are effectively-known,” the spokesperson explained. “The bulk are of moderate to moderate severity and of shorter duration.”

The statement ongoing, “Individual security is of utmost significance to Novo Nordisk and we are continuously accumulating security information and collaborating carefully with authorities to make sure patient basic safety. Novo Nordisk evaluates that the advantage-threat profile … carries on to continue being favorable.”

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Dr. Siegel responded to the assertion by indicating it is a “fair” response, and a review making use of mice should not be utilized to “change the paradigm.”

He extra, “I’m incredibly comfy with this drug, but I’m also extremely concerned that it’s overprescribed.”


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