November 28, 2023

Dear Audience: My reviews crucial of people today making use of diabetes medications for everyday excess weight loss produced a storm of protest from clinically obese visitors who experienced observed a solution to their life time struggle with body weight decline. But their letters touched on the subject matter I was most concerned about, which is that diabetics were being all of a sudden not able to obtain the drugs that maintain them alive and nutritious. Beneath are two samples:        

Dear Annie: I just go through your improve of assumed on diabetic prescription drugs currently being re-promoted for pounds reduction.        

I myself have Type 2 diabetic issues and have been recommended Ozempic, which labored miracles on me. I was equipped to keep a balanced A1C, involving 5.5 – 6.5, properly managed. Nevertheless, back in late September 2022, I went to refill my prescription for Ozempic, only to find out that it was backordered. Soon after some investigate, I uncovered that the backlog was owing to the producer not anticipating the inflow of prescriptions for body weight decline hence, diabetics were being not equipped to get their medicine.        

I was horrified. I could not get my diabetic medicine simply because it was remaining given for a non-healthcare difficulty. I experienced to transform drugs quickly, and it was not as effective, and I am now, following 6 months, at a 10.5 A1C.        

Even though I comprehend that Ozempic can be utilised for weight decline, it should really not just take away from the diabetics who need it to stay a healthful life style. This should really have been a thought from wellness care companies, as very well as Novo Nordisk. — Diabetic        

Pricey Annie: I am a Kind 2 diabetic. At 5-foot-6 and 160 lbs, I am not obesely chubby, and I am pretty lively at 60 decades of age. But my A1C nonetheless is large. I was place on Ozempic and for after, my A1C dropped to 6., the lowest it has at any time been.        

Now, I simply cannot get Ozempic. My pharmacy can get the fat reduction edition but not the one particular medicine that retains my diabetes underneath regulate. The business apparently tends to make a lot more dollars on the weight reduction edition than the Ozempic.        

“Enlighten the Skinny” explained that she pays between $350 and $1,350 for a prescription. I have insurance coverage and continue to fork out $800 per month till my $7,000 deductible is achieved, and then the coverage organization pays at 50% till I devote $9,100.        

I want to be offended like “Enlighten the Skinny,” but anger tends to make my blood sugar spike, and I will have to do every thing attainable to keep my blood sugars small since my treatment isn’t readily available. Having diabetic medicine for excess weight decline and not getting the treatment for these who require it to preserve from dying is quite irresponsible of the pharmaceutical organizations. Dollars talks. — Enlighten the Diabetics (why they can not come across their meds)

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