December 9, 2023

Digital Mobile App – Ravkoo Health App

Ravkoo Lifestyle, and its parent app, Ravkoo Health, represent a positive shift toward empowering Americans to gain control over their healthcare”

— Alpesh Patel

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, June 6, 2022 / — Ravkoo Lifestyle — one of four wellness modules on the newly launched Ravkoo Health App allows registered users to compare and choose mental healthcare providers from a mobile device.

Ravkoo Lifestyle focuses on mental health counseling, but it also offers diabetes prevention, nutrition, and weightloss managment.

Furthermore, with Ravkoo Lifestyle, the frustration of booking and commuting to expensive counseling sessions is no longer necessary.

“In essence, Ravkoo Lifestyle does the heavy lifting for you, as we provide easy access to online counselors who are licensed and vetted,” says Alpesh Patel, CEO, and Founder of Ravkoo Health.

“The app compiles a complete list of Ravkoo-verified, board-certified mental health therapists to select from, so tailoring treatment to your specific needs has become more convenient than ever,” says Patel.

“Ravkoo Lifestyle, and its parent app, Ravkoo Health, represent a positive shift toward empowering Americans to gain control over their healthcare,” explains Patel.

The key benefits of using Ravkoo Lifestyle include:

Affordability & Quality: Each Ravkoo Lifestyle counselor has been fully vetted to ensure proper licensing. Furthermore, each counselor has a profile description that showcases their professional area of expertise, credentials, reviews, and ratings. Counselors will also list their price-per-session. Registered users can browse the mental healthcare provider database to weigh the options and make a well-rounded decision.

Convenience: Taking care of one’s mental health via counseling can be difficult if one physically has to be present at an office for an appointment. Life is busy, and schedules are packed—Ravkoo Lifestyle remedies this hindrance. Members can book and attend therapy appointments via smartphone. Also, counseling sessions can occur via text, audio, or video, depending on preference.

Privacy: HIPAA Compliance ensures that the registered user’s sensitive information and medical records are protected, secure, and cannot be disclosed without consent. Furthermore, all of Ravkoo Lifestyle’s fully licensed mental health counselors take patient confidentiality seriously and follow HIPAA compliance.

Ravkoo Lifestyle is now available on the Ravkoo Health App. Download the app on iOS or Android today! Visit Ravkoo Lifestyle for more information.

About Ravkoo Health. Ravkoo Health harnesses the power of technology to give people control over their health information on a secure platform. Furthermore, Ravkoo Health is emerging as a one-stop-shop digital healthcare marketplace. Online members of the app can access and store health data, choose and consult with telemedicine professionals, make prescription arrangements, order at-home lab kits, receive lab results over the phone, confer with weight loss, nutrition, and wellness coaches, track fitness, and access up-to-date health information.

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