December 9, 2023

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More than 80% of men and 50% of women are affected by hair loss or thinning at some point in their lives. Hairfallout is not a particularly popular topic, and is often an embarrassing event for people to talk about or seekhelp for. 

There are only a few medications approved by the FDA for treating hair loss, in addition to countless supplementsthat have been shown to support scalp health and follicle thickness. Finding the best hair loss treatment planfor your personal situation can be more complicated than it appears.

To help you find the best hair loss regimen for your personal needs, we have outlined the six best options foryou to choose.


Top Companies for the Best Hair Loss Treatment Options

  • hims: Best Overall Hair Loss Treatment
  • Keeps: Most Competitively-Priced Hair Loss Treatment
  • Roman: Best Additional Hair Loss Treatment Services
  • Nutrafol: Best All-Natural Hair Loss Treatment
  • Rogaine: Best for Longest-Used Product
  • ShapiroMD: Best for a UniqueFormula Option


1. hims — Best Overall Hair Loss Treatment

Pros of the hims Hair Loss Treatment:

  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • No prescription required
  • Free online consultation
  • Additional services offered

Cons of the hims Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Men-only hair loss treatments
  • Online chat support is not available
  • Consultation fee for finasteride-containing products


This company is an online personal wellness service for men that offers treatments for hair loss, hair care,sexual health, skin ailments, mental health, and even primary care services. They are known for being discreet,and also for offering professional advice and consultations for difficult male topics. The services for hims aredelivered online only, and they do not have physical locations available to visit.

While hims only offers products for men, they also have a sister company called hers that offers an entire suiteof wellness products to women as well, including hair loss treatment options.


Overall Cost of the hims Hair Loss Treatment: 4.8/5

Treatment options range from $15 to $60 per month, depending on the type of product or product combinations youchoose. Free shipping and auto-shipments are available. You can opt for a one-time purchase to try out aproduct, or you can opt for a subscription. If you are not satisfied with your results after 90 days, himsoffers a money-back guarantee.


Credibility and Effectiveness of hims Hair Loss Products: 4.8/5

The hair loss treatments that hims offers contain minoxidil and finasteride. These ingredients are FDA-approvedto treat hair loss. They also offer hair care options that support a healthy scalp, such as biotin gummies tostrengthen hair, a thickening shampoo containing saw palmetto, and a thickening conditioner containingniacinamide.


hims Hair Loss Product Options: 4.8/5

This service offers four main products for hair loss: an oral tablet with 1mg of finasteride, a topical spraywith 0.3% finasteride and 6% minoxidil, a topical foam with 5% minoxidil, and a topical solution with 5%minoxidil. If you opt for the hims Complete Hair Kit, it includes a one-month supply of biotin gummies, 1mgfinasteride tablets, saw palmetto shampoo, and 5% minoxidil topical solution.


hims Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.9/5

Licensed healthcare providers are available for every type of treatment. One-on-one support is available fromcertified medical experts. There are also treatment services for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation,genital herpes, anti-aging concerns, acne, anxiety, depression, and performance anxiety.


Overall Score of hims Hair Loss Treatment: 4.825/5



2. Keeps — Most Competitively-Priced Hair Loss Treatment

Pros of the Keeps Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Fair pricing on products
  • Unlimited 24/7 consultation support for one year
  • One free month when you opt for a three-month plan
  • Hair grafting available

Cons of the Keeps Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Only one location for hair grafting
  • Products focused on male-pattern baldness only
  • Complicated ordering when telemedicine is not available


Keeps focuses on hair restoration treatment plans and procedures. This company partners with licensed doctors,pharmacists, and healthcare professionals to provide clinical care for men with male-pattern baldness. Theyoffer products containing ingredients approved by the FDA to treat this particular type of hair loss. While theyare mainly an online wellness service, Keeps also has a Hair Restoration clinic in New York City that offershair-grafting procedures.

To start with Keeps, you must complete an online consultation to discover the best plan to treat your hair loss.Plans typically involve three-month treatment regimens.


Overall Cost of the Keeps Hair Loss Treatment: 4.9/5

Finasteride 1mg costs $25 per month. Minoxidil 5% solution costs $10 per month. Minoxidil 5% foam costs $15 permonth. You can opt to bundle minoxidil and finasteride, which costs $70 to $80 every three months. Supportproducts range from $10 to $25 per month. Keeps also offers hair grafting, which may cost up to $10,000 to fillin the front and top of your head.


Credibility and Effectiveness of Keeps Hair Loss Products: 4.7/5

Keeps offers FDA-approved treatment options for hair loss. Both minoxidil and finasteride have shown increasedhair growth and thickness when used consistently for three to four months. Their support products containadditional ingredients that have been shown to promote follicle health. These ingredients include biotin,caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto.


Keeps Hair Loss Product Options: 4.7/5

Keeps offers products that support hair growth and health, and that promote thickness. Hair loss products includefinasteride 1mg tablets, minoxidil 5% foam, and minoxidil 5% solution. Support products include 2% ketoconazoleshampoo to reduce dandruff and promote optimal hair thickness, thickening shampoo and conditioner, and athickening pomade.


Keeps Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.8/5

Keeps offers unlimited messaging with their care consultants for one year to answer your questions throughoutyour hair-growth journey. A doctor will reach out to you for a follow-up consultation 30 days after you startyour plan to monitor your progress.

Keeps also offers hair transplants at their Hair Restoration location in New York City. The procedure can takeabout six to eight hours to complete. Results may take up to 12 months to be visible. Read this Keeps review to learn more.


Overall Score of Keeps Hair Loss Treatment: 4.775/5



3. Roman — Best Additional Hair Loss Treatment Services

Pros of the Roman Hair Loss Treatment:

Cons of the Roman Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Quarterly shipments only for hair loss plans
  • Limited product options for hair growth
  • A healthcare provider visit within three years is required
  • Products are for men only


Roman is a digital healthcare service that offers personalized treatment plans for a range of conditions,including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, acne, eczema, dandruff, excessive sweating, anxiety, allergies, anddepression. This company partners with licensed doctors and nurse practitioners to deliver personalizedtreatment plans based on your initial consultation, and they proactively follow up with you to monitor yourprogress.

Roman also staffs a medical advisory board that includes renowned healthcare professionals who guide theirmedical content and treatment regimens. Though everything that Roman offers is scientifically supported byleading experts, this digital medical service aims to complement primary care services, not replace them.


Overall Cost of the Roman Hair Loss Treatment: 4.6/5

Treatment plans start at $16 per month, depending on the product that is recommended for you. Hair loss packagesare only offered as quarterly plans, since it typically takes at least three months of consistent use forresults to appear. Finasteride plans start at $0.67 per day, and minoxidil plans start at $0.53 per day. If yousubscribe to a plan, you can cancel at any time.


Credibility and Effectiveness of Roman Hair Loss Products: 4.7/5

Roman uses FDA-approved ingredients not only to treat male-patterned baldness, but also to treat erectiledysfunction, premature ejaculations, seasonal allergies, and mouth sores.

All of their treatment plans are created under the guidance of Roman’s medical advisory board, which ismade up of licensed healthcare professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Each personal treatmentplan is approved by a licensed healthcare professional.


Roman Hair Loss Product Options: 4.7/5

Products for hair restoration include finasteride 1mg tablets and minoxidil 5% topical solution. Products forother conditions include Viagra, sildenafil, and Cialis for erectile dysfunction, benzocaine wipes to preventpremature ejaculation, valacyclovir for herpes or mouth sores, sertraline for anxiety or depression, andazelastine, fluticasone, levocetirizine, and montelukast to treat allergies.


Roman Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.9/5

Roman offers services beyond hair loss treatment options, including issues related to sexual health, mentalhealth, and skincare. Roman also offers COVID-19 testing kits, weight management tools, and smoking cessationplans. You are eligible for free, unlimited doctor follow-ups for a year. Once you become a member, you haveaccess to their customer support team via chat, email, or phone.


Overall Score of Roman Hair Loss Treatment: 4.725/5



4. Nutrafol — Best All-Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options

Pros of Nutrafol Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients
  • Products designed for women and men
  • Obstetrician-gynecologist formulated

Cons of Nutrafol Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Lacks FDA-approved ingredients
  • The daily dose is four capsules
  • Takes up to six months for results


Nutrafol has developed a “nutraceutical” supplement that promotes thicker hair follicles and scalpcoverage for both men and women. It includes a combination of natural ingredients that promote scalp health,support anti-inflammatory action, and improve hair follicle structure.


Overall Cost of the Nutrafol Hair Loss Treatment: 4.4/5

A one-month supply starts at $88. You can save up to 10% if you commit to a monthly delivery. Nutrafol offersfree shipping within the U.S. They also have a 30-day return policy.


Credibility and Effectiveness of Nutrafol Hair Loss Products: 4.7/5

Nutrafol has developed a product line that contains a variety of natural ingredients to support healthy hairgrowth. They use horsetail, which provides silica to add strength to your hair, saw palmetto and maca to helpbalance your hormones and reduce the effects of dihydrotestosterone, curcumin to support cellular metabolism,and marine collagen peptides, which help to restore essential amino acids to help build stronger, healthierhair.

On top of promoting hair growth and reducing hair shedding, Nutrafol supplements also improve sleep, reducestress, and promote whole-body health. The entire Nutrafol line is formulated without gluten, dairy, soy,hormones, artificial additives, or drugs, and the products are not genetically modified. While the mainingredients are medical-grade, it may take up to six months of consistent use for visible results to appear.


Nutrafol Hair Loss Product Options: 4.7/5

Nutrafol has developed three different types of hair supplements for women, including post-partum andpost-menopausal formulations. The post-partum supplement is breastfeeding-friendly. They have one formulationfor men. All products are free of genetically-modified ingredients, and are manufactured in a GMP- andFDA-certified facility.


Nutrafol Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.5/5

Customers have access to support from naturopathic doctors who can help identify the root cause of hair loss andcan provide tailored advice. Nutrafol NDs can even provide an optional referral to local Nutrafol-partnereddoctors. Nutrafol also offers free hair mineral analysis testing, if it is necessary for you. Customer supportis available via phone, email, and online chats.


Overall Score of Nutrafol Hair Loss Treatment: 4.575/5



5. Rogaine — Longest-Used Hair LossTreatment

Pros of Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment:

  • All products are FDA-approved
  • Affordably priced
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • Mild side effect profile

Cons of Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Lack of personalized care
  • Lack of doctor follow-ups
  • Lack of care for other healthcare issues
  • “C” rating by the Better Business Bureau


Rogaine is the first topical product approved by the FDA to be used to regrow hair in women and men. With morethan 20 years of use, Rogaine has been a trusted and sought-after brand for adults suffering from hair loss. Youcan purchase Rogaine products directly from their website or from well-known vendors, such as Target, Walgreens,and CVS.  Rogaine can be used by both men and women between the ages of 18 and 65.


Overall Costs of the Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment: 4.6/5

Rogaine offers minoxidil 5% products that cost $28.99 for each bottle. Every product comes with a money-back andrisk-free guarantee. Free shipping within the U.S. is offered if products are ordered directly from theirwebsite. If you want to save money, there are also generic versions available at lower pricing.


Credibility and Effectiveness of Rogaine Hair Loss Products: 4.8/5

Minoxidil is one of only two ingredients that are approved by the FDA to treat hair loss. Minoxidil hasclinically demonstrated the ability to slow the rate of hair thinning. Rogaine is safe to use, and can be easilyapplied to the scalp. No prescription is necessary to obtain this product. This product can also be used for anytype of hair.


Rogaine Hair Loss Product Options: 4.6/5

Rogaine has a minoxidil 5% foam and topical solution made for both men and women. Rogaine foam is simple to use,and dries quickly after application. To maximize results, apply twice daily for at least four months straight.Every product is manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory and a GMP-certified facility. The topical solutionhas a fairly long shelf life, lasting up to three years without expiration.


Rogaine Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.6/5

Rogaine only offers minoxidil products for hair loss. Their customer support team is available via phone andemail if you have any questions regarding Rogaine.


Overall Score of Rogaine Hair Loss Treatment: 4.65/5

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6. ShapiroMD — Best Unique HairLoss Treatment Formula

Pros of ShapiroMD Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Free rush delivery
  • FDA-registered laboratory
  • “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Discount offered for bulk ordering

Cons of ShapiroMD Hair Loss Treatment:

  • Online-only service
  • Difficult cancellation process
  • Long response time from customer support


ShapiroMD is a hair regrowth company that offers treatment options for both men and women to combat baldness.They have developed a product line that is free from harsh chemicals, contains prescription-grade ingredients,and is FDA-approved to combat hair loss. Prior to starting a particular regimen, you must take a hair quiz toassess your hair type and the possible cause of your hair thinning or loss. Results from your hair quiz are usedto develop a personalized hair care plan.


Overall Cost of the ShapiroMD Hair Loss Treatment: 4.5/5

Product costs start at $19.95 and go up to $80 per month, depending on the product type and combination that isrecommended for you. ShapiroMD also offers a laser hair cap that is fairly expensive, with a $995 price tag.ShapiroMD also offers a money-back and risk-free guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied with your products.They also offer free shipping within the U.S., and global shipping is available.


Credibility and Effectiveness of ShapiroMD Hair Loss Products: 4.7/5

Their entire line of hair restoration products is prescription-grade and FDA-approved. Their products are alsoorganic, natural, and free of harsh chemicals. ShapiroMD also formulated their products to be used by both menand women, and to be suitable for all hair types.

It took 10 years of research to develop their patented formula for their shampoo, conditioner, and foam, whichalso contain saw palmetto extract and caffeine. One caveat is that results may take up to six months ofconsistent use to appear.


ShapiroMD Hair Loss Product Options: 4.7/5

ShapiroMD offers finasteride 1mg capsules, minoxidil 5% topical solution, compounded topical finasteride, an oralsupplement containing vitamin B12, and DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner. They also offer a laser hair capthat has been FDA-cleared to support hair regrowth.


Shapiro MD Hair Loss Resources and Services: 4.5/5

ShapiroMD creates personalized treatment regimens approved by licensed medical providers. While you are usingtheir products, this company provides ongoing care and online consultations with licensed clinicians. ShapiroMDalso offers customer support via phone, email, and online chats.


Overall Score of ShapiroMD Hair Loss Treatment: 4.6/5

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How We Ranked the Best Hair Loss Treatments

The following benchmarks were used to determine the ranking for the best hair loss treatment.

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Available resources
  • Additional services
  • Costs
  • Product options
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Customer support


Buying Guide for the Best Hair Loss Treatment

These frequently-asked questions can guide your decision to the best hair loss treatment option for your personalneeds.


What Hair Loss Treatments Are Approved by the FDA?

There are currently only two medications that are approved by the FDA for treating hair loss: finasteride andminoxidil. Finasteride helps to reduce dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, in the scalp, and prevents future hairfallout. DHT is a hormone responsible for hair loss in many men. Finasteride is not recommended for women.

Minoxidil supports hair growth by activating dormant hair follicles, causing them to widen. This, in turn, mayresult in thicker hair strands growing in. Minoxidil also helps to prolong the growth phase of hair, resultingin an increase in the length and number of hair strands.


What Are the Most Common Causes for Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss, including hereditary hair loss, age, alopecia areata, cancertreatment, personal haircare, childbirth, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, thyroid disease, andnutritional deficiency

Both men and women can develop hereditary hair loss, or male- or female-pattern baldness. As we age, our hairgrowth rate slows down, causing hair thinning. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune condition wherein yourbody’s immune system attacks your hair follicles.

Medications and chemotherapy can contribute to both hair loss and thinning. Make sure you read the packageinserts of your medications before starting, and consult with your healthcare provider, if need be. A wide rangeof stressors can cause hair fallout, including childbirth, illness, hormonal imbalance, or mental stress.

The way you care for your hair can also affect how well your hair grows or stays thick. Avoid using hair productswith harsh chemicals, and avoid pulling on your hair or wearing hairstyles that are too tight. Additionally, ifyou do not ingest enough vitamins and minerals, such as biotin, protein, zinc, or iron, hair growth can slowdown.


What Supplements Can Be Used to Prevent Hair Loss?

There are several vitamins and minerals that can support hair regrowth and thickening. These supplements includebiotin, B vitamins in general, vitamin D, iron, vitamin C, and zinc. Biotin, or vitamin B7, is important forcell metabolism. Food sources of biotin include egg yolks, meat, and whole grains.

Iron helps red blood cells carry and transport oxygen throughout our bodies. Low levels of iron can cause hairloss. Food sources of iron include legumes, dark leafy greens, and grass-fed, red meat. Vitamin C helps yourbody to absorb iron. Food sources include bell peppers, leafy greens, and citrus fruits.

Low levels of vitamin D are associated with hair loss. If you have a vitamin D deficiency, you can eat fatty fishand drink fortified milk to help increase your levels. Zinc plays an important role in building proteins in yourhair and the cells in your body. Zinc does not naturally occur in our bodies, so we must ingest it to boost ourlevels. Zinc can be found in nuts, seeds, meat, beans, and shellfish.


How Should the Best Hair Loss Treatments Be Used?

Before starting a hair loss treatment, it is important to determine the root cause of your hair loss. If your keyissue is a nutritional deficiency or personal hygiene habits, address this first, and assess your scalp noearlier than three months later. If your hair situation is due to hormonal imbalance, age, or hereditary hairloss, trying minoxidil and/or finasteride should be considered.

No matter the root cause, once you commit to a hair regrowth regimen, starting early and administering thetreatment consistently is key for success. Make sure you read the directions carefully prior to use. Sometopical foams require twice-daily dosing, while some supplements require up to four capsules to be taken everyday.

It is important to be very patient. Whether you opt for medication, lifestyle changes, or even hair-graftingprocedures, results may take a while for you to notice. Do not stop treatment or diet changes abruptly, or takemore than a few days away from your plan. This can affect your progress.


How Long Does It Take for Me To See Results?

Whether you choose a treatment plan that contains FDA-approved ingredients or medical-grade, natural ingredients,results take a considerable amount of time to become visible. Most options can take up to three to six months toappear. With surgical procedures, such as hair grafting, results may not be noticeable for up to one year.


How Can I Choose the Best Hair Loss Treatment for Me?

The first thing you should consider prior to starting any type of plan for hair regrowth is to determine the rootcause of your hair problems. If nutritional deficiency or medications are the main contributors, address thisfirst. You may not need a treatment option.

Next, determine what your personal hair goals are. Do you simply want thicker hair? Do you want your hair to growmore quickly? Understanding how you want your scalp to look in a few months can affect the type of treatmentplan that works best for your personal needs.


Top Six Comparison Summary for the Best Hair Loss Treatments


  • Prescription required? For finasteride
  • Products for men and women? No
  • Free consultation available: Yes
  • Types of products: Finasteride tablets, Finasteride/minoxidil combination spray, Minoxidilfoam and solution, thickening shampoo, Biotin gummies


  • Prescription required? For finasteride
  • Products for men and women? No
  • Free consultation available: Yes
  • Types of products: Finasteride tablets, Minoxidil topical foam and solution, thickeningpomade, shampoo, and conditioner


  • Prescription required? For finasteride
  • Products for men and women? Yes
  • Free consultation available: Yes
  • Types of products: Finasteride tablets, Minoxidil solution


  • Prescription required? No
  • Products for men and women? Yes
  • Free consultation available: Yes
  • Types of products: Daily supplements for men and women, supplements for postpartum andmenopausal women


  • Prescription required? No
  • Products for men and women? Yes
  • Free consultation available: No
  • Types of products: Minoxidil foam and solution


  • Prescription required? No
  • Products for men and women? Yes
  • Free consultation available: Yes
  • Types of products: Finasteride capsules, Minoxidil solution, Finasteride topical solution,DHT-blocking shampoo and conditioner, Vitamin B12 supplements


Key Takeaways for Choosing the Best Hair Loss Treatment

Finding the best hair loss treatment such as hims first involves determining the root cause of your hair issues anddefining your personal scalp goals. Before starting any plan, you should prepare to be committed for a longtime. Results are typically not visible for at least three to six months.

You should also consider whether you want to be on an all-natural regimen or a prescription-grade plan. No matterwhich plan you choose, always consult with your healthcare provider to see if a particular plan interferes withyour current health condition or lifestyle. To maximize your results, it is best to start an interventionearlier, rather than later. Preventing hair loss is more manageable than hair regrowth.


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