November 30, 2023

Leading weight loss and wellness center expands weight management program offerings

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Structure House, a premier weight loss and wellness retreat located in Durham, North Carolina, has added a new track that will allow individuals to receive weight loss medication as part of a comprehensive weight management program.

The weight loss medication track is available as an add-on service for adults age 18 and older who participate in Structure House’s JumpStart or Graduate program. In addition to receiving a safe and effective dosage of medication that can help them achieve their weight loss goals, eligible individuals can receive nutritional counseling, fitness coaching, and numerous other services during their time in the program.

Having recently garnered significant attention as an effective tool for weight management, weight loss medications have been shown to enhance weight loss efforts by reducing appetite, improving cardiometabolic outcomes, and reducing the desire to eat.

“Structure House has been the leader in providing individuals with a holistic treatment approach that incorporates all the elements necessary for long-lasting weight loss,” said Structure House CEO and licensed clinical psychologist Katie Rickel, Ph.D. “It seems that these medications can quiet the ‘food noise,’ which makes it easier for individuals to adhere to the changes required to achieve optimal results. Thus, we believe that it would be unethical for us not to offer this option as an additional tool in the toolbox in the fight against obesity.

“We know that individuals sometimes carry shame when taking these medications and might feel isolated from critical and uninformed outsiders, as mentioned by Oprah on a recent ‘Today’ show segment,” Dr. Rickel continued. “Since everyone at Structure House (both staff and participants) knows that the treatment for obesity involves so much more than ‘just eating less and moving more,’ our medication track is designed to offer support as individuals engage in specialized resistance training classes to guard against muscle loss, nutrition counseling to ensure that they receive adequate nutrition when appetite is significantly reduced, and support groups to learn new ways to get pleasure and comfort when food no longer provides this escape.”

To determine eligibility for the add-on service, potential participants are required to undergo a brief medical screening. Those who are interested in learning more about the weight loss medication track are encouraged to contact the Structure House team directly.

About Structure House

Structure House offers a premier residential program for adults who need specialized support to achieve their weight management goals and improve their well-being. Located in Durham, North Carolina, the residential program supports people who are struggling with concerns like obesity, binge-eating disorder, diabetes, hypertension, and emotional eating. Structure House’s holistic approach, which incorporates a variety of evidence-based practices, can help participants make positive, sustainable changes in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and behavior. Its campus is a welcoming and inclusive space that features state-of-the-art amenities, comfortable lodgings, and a qualified and supportive staff. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Katie Rickel Structure House (215) 530-8180 [email protected]


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