December 4, 2023

As Liraglutide is an injectable medication, it is prescription only and can cost around $300 a month. Comparable, weight loss medications are often sought. This article details Victoza alternatives both cheaper, natural over the counter and other diabetes medications. 

Victoza Alternatives Over the Counter 

  1. PhenQ – natural fat burning and appetite suppressant 

  2. Zotrim – herbal hunger reducer 

PhenQ and Zotrim are both natural and non-prescription. Both are also cheaper alternatives to Victoza for weight loss purposes. 



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PhenQ is a natural weight loss supplement designed to help people shed excess fat and achieve their ideal body composition. It has several weight loss benefits, such as burning excess fat, suppressing appetite and blocking the creation of new fat cells.  

It is based on a unique process that increases the metabolism for energy expenditure and thermogenesis to provoke burning fat cells for increased energy when doing exercise. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, it can be taken with relative ease with the added perk of having no prescription requirements for purchasing online.  

Ultimately, PhenQ is an incredibly effective weight loss supplement for those attempting to lose unwanted weight; thanks to its ability to efficiently reduce body fat, suppress hunger, and eliminate new fat cell growth. PhenQ is one the most effective over the counter diet pills currently on the market. 



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Zotrim is a natural weight loss product, containing plant extracts that have been clinically proven to aid in reducing hunger and helping individuals lose weight more effectively.  

Zotrim has a dual-action system, designed to be taken before meals, which helps reduce cravings throughout the day.  

It also assists in increasing feelings of satiety after meals so users can enjoy food while still controlling appetite and calorie intake. Zotrim’s effectiveness has been backed by clinical studies proving its ability to boost energy levels and help people with weight management.  

With Zotrim, individuals can create a healthier lifestyle, learn better portion control, and finally reach their desired goals without the hassle of extreme dieting measures. 

What is Victoza 

Victoza is a prescription drug that is used to treat Type 2 diabetes, and also reduce the risk of hospitalization for heart-related issues in people with Type 2 diabetes.  

The active ingredient in Victoza, known as Liraglutide, helps the body produce more insulin when it is needed and can also slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Liraglutide helps provide increased satiation after eating so that people with Type 2 diabetes don’t need as much food to feel satisfied.  

Victoza may be prescribed to help those with Type 2 diabetes better manage their blood glucose levels, blood sugar and keep their appetite under control.  

It should not be taken strictly for the purpose of losing weight – all decisions regarding the use of Victoza must be discussed with a doctor or healthcare provider. 

Liraglutide Tech Specs 

ChemSpider ID: 24571200 

IUPHAR ID: 1133 

AHFS/ Monograph 

ATC code: A10BJ02 (WHO) 

DrugBank: DB06655 

License data: EU EMA: by INN; US DailyMed: Liraglutide 

Victoza and Weight Loss 

Victoza is sometimes used as an injectable weight loss drug to help men and women who have a high BMI. It triggers hormones in the body that aid in suppressing hunger and reducing cravings for unhealthy foods.  

It works by activating GLP-1 receptors which helps to increase the fullness feeling that people experience after a meal and prevent them from overeating.  

Victoza also helps to reduce the absorption of glucose and fat molecules that would usually add excess calories into the body, thereby promoting natural weight loss. In clinical studies, people who have taken Victoza have reported an average weight loss of 18 lbs more than those taking placebos. 

Victoza Vs Ozempic 

Both Victoza and Ozempic are classed as a diabetes medication that have shown to be effective in aiding with controlling blood sugar levels. However, an added benefit of both is that they can help users achieve weight loss as well.  

Victoza works by helping your body release less glucose while also decreasing appetite, while Ozempic tricks your brain into feeling full by activating hormones like GLP-1 and GIP which reduce hunger. Wegovy is similar to Ozempic – both branded versions of the drug Semaglutide. There are Ozempic alternatives over the counter available without the need for prescription. 

Studies have found that patients who took either medication experienced an average weight loss of 5-10 lbs over a span of 12 weeks, though this figure can vary depending on the individual’s diet, exercise routine or habits.  

It is important to understand what medication is best for you and consult a physician before making any decisions regarding medications for diabetes control and weight loss. 

Victoza Vs Rybelsus 

Victoza and Rybelsus are two diabetes medications that have weight loss benefits. For patients looking to manage their diabetes by dropping some extra pounds, understanding the differences between these two medications is essential.  

As mentioned above, Victoza is a type of GLP-1 agonist whereas Rybelsus is an oral glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) agonist. Both help lower blood sugar levels, but users may find better weight loss results with Rybelsus.  

That’s because a study showed that individuals taking Rybelsus lost more than twice as much weight than those using Victoza after 52 weeks.  

Although a higher initial cost, the potential for greater long-term results suggests that it may be worth considering. Due to the potential side effects and drug interactions associated with diabetes medications like Victoza and Rybelsus, it is always best to talk to your doctor before deciding which option is best for you. 

Victoza Vs Metformin 

Victoza and Metformin are important medications for treating diabetes and improving blood sugar levels, but they have different effects on weight loss.  

While Metformin can help to reduce weight by decreasing a person’s appetite, Victoza works better to control glucose levels and blood sugar. Because of its ability to work on insulin production in the body, Victoza has been proven to be more effective for overall diabetes management, but it produces very little in terms of weight loss results.  

A recent study found that those taking Metformin recorded greater reductions in their BMI than those taking Victoza. Overall, both medications offer their own unique benefits; however, when it comes to overall weight loss with diabetes, Metformin looks to be the most effective to help users lose weight. 

Saxenda Vs Victoza 

Saxenda and Victoza are both injectable medications designed to help people lose weight by influencing how their body processes food, but they work differently.  

Saxenda was coined the “skinny jab’ and arguably the first weight loss injection to be featured in the mainstream media. 

Saxenda is an appetite suppressant whose main purpose is to help people feel full for longer and eat less, while Victoza works by controlling what the body takes from the digestion process and regulates how insulin is used in the body.  

Both Saxenda and Victoza may cause nausea, diarrhea, headache, constipation and loss of appetite as side effects; however Victoza also increases risk of pancreatitis while Saxenda could raise lipid (cholesterol) levels over time.  

Despite these differences, both medications have similar effectiveness when it comes to helping individuals lose weight. 

Trulicity Vs Victoza 

Trulicity and Victoza are two popular injectable medications used to treat diabetes, as well as assist in weight loss. Both of these medications work similarly, by helping to reduce blood sugar levels.  

However, they do differ in terms of efficacy and side effects. Trulicity is a once-weekly injection that can help reduce appetite and promote weight loss; however its effectiveness can depend on diet and exercise.  

It may also cause gastrointestinal discomfort and low blood sugar levels if not used correctly. On the other hand, Victoza is available as a once-daily injection and while it carries the risk of nausea, it may have fewer potential side effects than Trulicity. There are alternatives to Trulicity that are available without prescription. 

Regardless of which medication you choose, it’s important that you closely follow your doctor’s instructions for dosage and make sure to incorporate healthy diet habits when trying to lose weight. 

Victoza Dosage 

The correct Victoza dosage for an adult with type 2 diabetes is a 0.6 milligram (mg) starter dose, followed by 1.2 mg a day after at least one week of use. Doctors may choose to increase the daily dose up to 1.8 mg per day if needed in order to maintain glycemic control in people proven to be responsive to Victoza.  

Ultimately, it’s important to inject Victoza as instructed by your healthcare provider in order to ensure best results and safety when taking this medication.  

By accurately following dosage directions, you can enjoy effective management of your diabetes symptoms and lower the likelihood of serious side effects due to improper dosing or interaction with other diabetes medications. 

Prescription drugs like Victoza can significantly reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke or death in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus with known heart disease. 

Does Victoza Cause Side Effects 

Patients who are considering using Victoza for their diabetes treatment should be aware of possible side effects. Studies have found that nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and headache can be common side effects and people may also experience dizziness.  

More severe risks include pancreatitis and thyroid cancer, although it is important to note these conditions are very rare. Talk to a healthcare professional to ensure the risks associated with the use of Victoza are understood before starting the medication and do not hesitate to report any adverse reactions while taking it. 

How to Get Victoza 

Victoza is an obesity drug used to help with weight management. It is a prescription medication and can only be obtained through a medical professional’s office or pharmacy.  

Before obtaining or buying Victoza, it is important to consult your doctor and go through the appropriate screenings and tests in order to ensure that the drug is right for you. Side effects such as headaches and nausea may occur, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest medical information before beginning treatment.  

Victoza comes with detailed instructions that must be followed for optimal use of the drug. With proper guidance from your healthcare team, obtaining Victoza and considering its use can help you better manage your weight and live an overall healthier lifestyle. 

How Much Does Victoza Cost 

the cost of Victoza can vary depending on a few factors, such as the dosage, insurance coverage, and the pharmacy location. If a patient has commercial health insurance coverage and plans to purchase their Victoza at a local pharmacy, they could be looking at paying $188-$296 each month for a 30-day supply.  

Uninsured patients or those who don’t have insurance coverage may be able to find assistance programs that could lower the cost significantly; these programs are administered through healthcare providers, pharmacies, or pharmaceutical companies. Ultimately, consulting with your healthcare provider and speaking with your pharmacist are essential steps when determining how much you must pay for Victoza. 

Cheaper Alternatives to Victoza 

There are other weight loss medications cheaper than Victoza. These more cost effective weight loss solutions are mostly over the counter natural diet pills. PhenQ and Zotrim are arguably the most effective natural alternatives to Victoza. 

Victoza Alternative Summary 

As Liraglutide is an injectable medication, it is prescription only and can cost around $300 a month. Comparable weight loss medications are often sought. If you want to go the natural route it is hard to look at anything other than PhenQ. PhenQ is a non-prescription oral weight loss supplement that costs around $69 a month and is not likely to cause side effects.  

So if you are considering using Victoza for weight loss it would be wise to consider PhenQ, a natural substitute. 

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